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  Stylish Design, Smooth Surface


Smooth, laminated surface


Hands-free dialling when driving

Do not have to activate pre-recorded voice-dials

Hands-free browsing of short-messages/emails/organizer etc.

Highly Connected

Quadband GSM supporting GPRS & EDGE



Back-up important documents on both phone and memory card

Customized backup settings, saves time on backup or restoration


Mobile Office

Supports latest PushMail technology

Access Word/Excel/Powerpoint/PDF documents

Receive and send emails anytime, never miss important business opportunities.


Camera: 2 Mega-pixels Camera with macro-lens

7 modes

White balance

EV settings, customizable shutter sound

Take close-ups with macro-lens or use it with WorldCard Mobile business card recognition software


Roam the world, Always Keep in Touch

Network settings for various countries

Preset multiple country codes, hassle-free SIM card dialling

Stay in touch with friends via MSN Messenger/ MSN Hotmail

Quality Lifestyle

Excel at Work, Quality Lifestyle

Synchronize Outlook Mail/ Organizer/ Contacts/ Schedules